Overhead garage storage racks, wall organizers & garage shelving sold and installed in Memphis.

Garage organization with overhead garage racks.

Overhead Garage Storage Racks Free up garage floor space

Garage Storage racks provide a quick way to get large bulky items off the floor giving you back much needed garage space for your cars, toys or tools.  

Let us show you how an  overhead garage storage rack can work for you.

Overhead Garage storage racks are cost effective

Need more storage Square footage?  You could build an outdoor shed and spend thousands or get up to 32 sq. Feet of added horizontal storage space with an overhead garage storage racks for just a few hundred dollars installed

Use the ceiling space in your garage for bulky items and take back your garage with an overhead garage rack from Memphis Garage & Closets.

Overhead storage rack installation services


We can provide the rack and installation as part of an organized storage solution package .

In many cases, we can install your pre-purchased overhead storage rack.  Call us to see if we can install yours.  

Garage organization in Memphis is achievable with the right products and the right partners helping you get there.

Overhead garage storage comes in different sizes & Styles.

Fixed Position overhead garage racks.

We have Multiple sizes of Overhead racks available.. 

4x8 / 2x8 / 2x6 / 2x4 / 4x4....That's only a few of the sizes available. 

4x8 Overhead Racks - $375 Installed (Greater Memphis Area)

4x4 Overhead Racks - $300 Installed (Greater Memphis area)

Other sizes - Contact us for pricing.

Contact us to find out what other sizes are available if you need something different.

Motorized ceiling mounted storage racks.

Yes, we even have motorized ceiling racks available.  If you don't want to use a ladder to get to your overhead storage, bring the storage to you.

3x6 and 3x8 sizes available

Motorized racks securely mount to the system with a motorized hoist to raise and lower the racking making it easy to access.

Ceiling mounted bike storage hanger

You can store your bike on the garage ceiling as well.  Don't let your bike tie up valuable floor or wall space.  Hoist it to the ceiling completely out of the way when not in use.

Don't worry.  We'll mount it for you so you dont' have to.

Contact us for Pricing. Click here or call 901-277-5725

Wall mounted garage shelving and floor shelving racks

Wall mounted adjustable garage shelves

This  freedomrail garage shelving system is the perfect solution when you want everything off the floor of your garage and stored on open shelving.  These shelves are completely adjustable on the freedromrail uprights.  The shelves come in multiple depths.   Even aadd baskets and hooks to the uptright system for even more versatility. Get an organized garage using freedomrail garage shelving installed by Memphis Garage & Closets.   Whether you use freedomrail garage shelving as your only garage organization option or add to your other organized storage systems, it's always a great choice to  help organize your garage.

Heavy Duty freestanding garage shelving available at Memphis Garage & Closets

Heavy Duty Garage Shelving for bulky garage items

When you need to get heavy  bulky items stored in your garage but don't want the expense of cabinets, these heavy duty shelving systems are the perfect fit.  Several sizes to choose from. 

Overhead garage racks and garage shelving in Memphis, Germantown, Collierville, Arlington & beyond.

We don't just sell racks in these areas.  We service the entire Greater Memphis  Area including Desoto County MS and Jackson, TN.

Find out about our overhead storage racks and other organized home and garage storage solutions

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