Garage organization is possible with the right organized garage storage and organization system

Is your garage more of a "catch all" for stuff vs. a place to protect your car and outdoor items?

Garage walls are the perfect place to store  items in the garage.  We are sure you probably have a few hooks scattered around your garage screwed into your wall studs hanging rakes & Shovels and other items.  With a wall mounted garage wall organizer you can take those hooks to a whole new level.  Consider one of our garage wall organizer systems to help you get your garage back under control. 

Take a look below at what Memphis Garage & Closets can install for you to take your garage to the next level of organized.

Organize your garage with a garage wall organizer.

PVC Slatwall - It's functional, adjustable and looks great too.

PVC Slatwall accessories - Hooks, baskets and tool holders for an organized garage

Slatwall has great Benefits & Features for your garage. 

  • Installs easily over your existing wall structure. No painting or patching underneath required.
  • Multiple Color options  available to match your space and style.
    • Color is infused so no ugly chips
  • Tons of accessories available to get your garage organized.
    • Baskets - Multiple sizes
    • Hooks, hooks and more hooks!!!
    • Specialty brackets & hooks for large or awkward items
    • Shelving systems available

But wait....PVC Slatwall doesn't just work in the garage.  With all the different accessories available, it works great in closets, pantries, hobby rooms and more...

Steel Gridwall - Perfectly at home in the garage. Strong and functional

Whether you are hanging heavy tools, Garden equipment  or your sports gear, Steel gridwall is a great choice.

  • High Strength - It's Steel after all
  • Provides easy adjustable of your items.  Just move them around on the grid.
  • Lots of accessory items available.
    • Baskets
    • Hooks
    • sports equpment organizers
    • bike racks

Pair our Steel gridwall with one of our cabinet or shelving options and you've go yourself and organized garage you can be completely proud of.

Get your perfect Garage Organization system. Contact Memphis Garage & Closets for help.