Choose premium modular floor tiles for your new floors in Memphis

We have flooring available for residential, commercial, industrial and recreational floors.

Each floor application requires something different to be effective.  Because Memphis Garage & Closets represents multiple modular floor tile manufacturing companies, we have a flooring option available for most flooring applications and customer style preferences.

We carry:

  •  Rigid interlocking floor tiles
    • Works great for garage floors, auto showrooms, car show floors, event flooring and more.
  • Flexible interlocking floor tiles
    • Works for many of the same applications as our rigid floor tiles as well as indoor residential floors for the kitchen, basement and more.
  • Rubber floor tiles
    • Work great for anti-fatigue flooring as well as home and commercial gyms. 
  • Plank style interlocking floor tiles
    • Work great in indoor gymnasiums, aerobics and dance studios as well as residential floors.

Most of our floor tiles come in multiple colors, patterns and styles so we can find the right modular floor tile for you and your space.

Where can you use modular floor tiles? Just about anywhere..

At Memphis Garage & Closets, Our modular floor tiles work almost anywhere.

  • Garage Floors
  • Kitchen Floors
  • Patio floors
  • Pool Deck resurfacing
  • Showroom floors
  • Warehouse floors
  • Event flooring
  • Sports floors
  • indoor and outdoor courts (Basketball Courts, tennis courts, roller hockey, etc...)

These floor tiles look great.  They perform great.  They are comfortable to work on, play on or just sit back and relax on them.  Modular floor tiles are a great choice indoors and outdoors.

Contact Memphis Garage & Closets for modular floor tiles in Memphis, Jackson or North MS to see if modular floor tiles will work for you and your new flooring requirements.

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