Get a bike rack to safely store your bike. Bike racks that fit inside your home or in the garage.

Let Memphis Garage & Closets suggest a bike rack for you.

Steady rack bike racks mixed with slatwall for great bike and accessory storage.

Protect your bike with a high quality bike storage rack.

You paid a lot of money for your bike.  Protect your investment by storing it properly when not in use.  A good quality bike rack allows you to safely store your bike out of the way when not using it but make's it easily accessible when you want it.

We have bike storage racks as part of  our organized garage storage solutions. Our garage bike racks can be Wall mounted or Ceiling mounted. 


Steady rack bike racks mounted on a garage wall

Have a bike but not a garage? No problem, we have great solutions for in home storage as well as the garage.

Our products look great indoors or out.  Don't be afraid to display your bike proudly in your apartment as part of your wall decor.  

Slatwall bike rack hook for the garage.  Looks great with these garage cabinets and slatwall.

Choices, Choices, Choices....we'll give you several choices

We'll give choices, our advice and even our opinions on the best bike storage option for you, but ultimately the choice is yours.  We try to give you several choices to choose from....But we have our favorites, feel free to ask us.

Find out about all of our bike storage options and other organized home and garage storage solutions

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